Yuva neta’ 10 years ago, also ‘yuva neta’ in 2018: BJP leader takes jibe on Rahul Gandhi


Hyderabad: In a veiled attack on Congress president Rahul Gandhi, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) General Secretary Ram Madhav said that ‘eternally young leaders’ are unable to imbibe Indian values.

“Eternally young leaders are not able to imbibe this Indian value. Young leader when I was spokesperson (for RSS) 10 years ago. ‘Yuva Neta’… ‘Yuva neta’ in 2018 also. Eternally young,” Ram Madhav told PTI.

Madhav further said that the opposition parties are trying to form a ‘Maha gathbandhan’ (grand alliance) without any agenda only to prevent the BJP from coming to power.

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