When famouz becomes notoriuz


encounter held in noida distt.of UP in which Gangster Balraj Singh alias Chaudhary alias Bhati was assassinated by SPG special police group and SOG special operation group + STF of UP with Haryana police operation and special task force of haryana jointly the question is left behind az why it was so essential for the police to take certain in charge of a SINGLE person to encounter in a disturbing place where it was on highest risk of killing of any civilian in exchange of firing.Dear sir the person I met balraj Singh in year 2014 it was only when the notoriuz was enjoying 20 thousand rupees of reward on him.Gangster Balraj Singh resident of village shiv nagar dhoosri of shikarpur sub divizion of distt.Bulandshahr uttar pradesh was a common citizen presiding with his parents and two sister and brother who iz serving for army

.And the day came when in 1990 he got punished for stealing 1 or 2 fishes of his neighbour,z pond.At that time his neighbour beaten bal raj and also by his father for stealing of fishes.Sir the matter was very small and the person was studying in inter at that time.But by beaten again by his neighbour,z family the assailant became aggrezzive and from here the drawback started for him and hiz family.It was just a smaller incident which made balraj to balraj Singh.And from their he started his negative carrier.Their he killed one man than went on rampage by murdering more than 4 persons at a time total calculation went to 5 murders.In that the person balraj killed there neighbours who beaten up him and also those who were witnezz of murdering his neighbours all went into the hell with the help of automatic weapon.After all happening balraj booked under different severe acts of IPC and CRPC including 302, 307, 436, and 120b to 7 amendment criminal act.Therefore when he got arrested by a difficult and harshed way of adopting (82/83 attachment of property including furniture)he found himself more humiliated thuz his criminal career starts from their.They’re after he met another crowned gangster called Sunder Bhati in bulandshahr jail where bhati was also suffering from the same cauze of criminal activitiez; ? oth started friendship and from their balraj also known as balraj Singh bhati.After getting bail he accomplished with other started another gang also in the name of sunder bhati gang.Bhati gave a message that his shooter balraj is also known in the name of bhati hence his name were changed from balraj Singh to balraj bhati.Sir from that day until now he never look back and went on deep water of crime and criminal world along with his members.He went not only in western UP but in Delhi and Haryana also respectively.THE UNKNOWN STORIES ABOUT BALRAJ SINGH ALIAS BHATI is he never came under pressure from anyone.He was self style gangster al though he had been listed on top level regarding his criminal history he never turned back.He faced all criminal acts on him regarding from IPC 302 to 7, 8, 9 than series of 3 to 4 as 420 to 3,4,5,6,9 and All possible CRPC acts even 25 arms act oblique 4 to 15 arms act also booked having sofizticated weapons under 9mm of automatic rifles + 47 series and 56 series of highly dangerouz weapon in the world.How he trained himself iz a matter?He never booked under absconding of women or related to women act.He also served in Mumbai for the gangster named Ravi Pujari.He collected big asset by his criminal face although he was a man known for his gentle behaviour and having deep faith in God beside doing the enathicals and also having addiction of drugs and Norflok supplement.With a1unitedmedia and vaibhavpratapsingh.academia.edu and Medium Daily Digest and Wall Street Journal and Reuters Tv Vaibhav for imc.ind.in-Powered by VAIBHAV.

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