What is extradition treaty or whether is favorable for country like India


The answer is BIG 0.

Becauze India law and observation is that here fast track court also take years and years.

For instance 26/11 incident where nine terrorist was killed 1 was caught live called kasab their after a year and half he was hanged.Despite all knew that person is accused till got the death penalty after years.
In between how much money was spent And the answer is 2.5 crore rupees including available advocate for him by Indian govt.also given tight security.Also given to appeal in court than high court and then supreme court.

And also review petition and curative petition.Thus after he was hanged.

If you see in Mumbai blast in 1993 Sanjay dutt got imprisonment after 2005 or more than.In this case one woman was charged Fatima bi also sent to jail even she caught cancer thus after died few years back total spent 26.6 crores over all.

In my opinion so much money was not even he looted as the money india wasted.Salem also got extradite by which CBI took him by having go through as portugal court directed Indian prosecution did their level best to bring Salem India back also the Chief of indian advocate staff took their responsibility and undertaking then only Abu Salem came.

Court of Portugal having directing the Indian prosecution that you can’t gave more than 25 years of jail,as the punishment in Portugal is not hanging and imprisonment is 25 years and $10 dollars each maximum.

India also try kotrochoyi to bring back as so called agent of boforce tanks for army, India as superlative degree were applied by govt.but govt.itself tried its level best not to bring the person, before the died on its own.

Now nirav modi and vijay mallya and Lalit modi abscond from the country.The money it is been charged is less actual as the money we expand to bring these hook and crooked men Very Difficult.

Nirav modi saw in London and vijay mallya is also is in London. Before the team of RAW reached there he left from their as living on rent thus can go to other place or other country where is no exchange treaty is their. Vaibhav a1unitedmedia.

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