War in India by Facebook And Whatsapp


Facebook is not only suspicious today, facebook is an instrument of starting World War not only in Asia.U can see how facebook made disappeared all data of Hilary Clinton US presidential candidate when they saw that Donald Trump is coming in to power on the resulting day of USA election. And FBI of USA federal bureau of investigating. also stole the data from Facebook ID of Donal Trump in which their was images of Stromy Daniela was posted when they saw Trump as coming president. And that was for Hilary Clinton to get victory in election.Therefore all vigilance agency of UN works to face defeat of Donald Trump but not get successful. And Facebook is all active during ISIS where they used blindly this,also propaganda activities of all activist around the world (negative) r using Facebook and Facebook companion Instagram,all nude activities u can see their or Messenger another Sharp Companion of Facebook all unauthorized activities their as Mark Zuckerberg is chief of facebook instagram messenger and whatsapp.With a1unitedmedia Vaibhav for imc.ind.in and source media. 

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