Uttar Pradesh: 8-year-old commits suicide while imitating Crime TV scene, friends flee


In a shocking incident in Uttar Pradesh’s Hagpur, an eight-year old girl hung herself to death by accident while copying a television crime show on Tuesday night. After hiding her body, her friends fled the scene.

The eight-year-old was upset because she had been scolded and later went to a neighbour’s house to play, police said, adding that the girl reached a friends’ house crying after which they decided to watch a crime show on TV.

“She came to our house crying after being scolded at home. We watched a crime show on TV and decided to play police-police. She then hanged herself while playing,” one of the friends of the deceased told the police.

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While watching the show, the girl tried to imitate a hanging scene during which she lost her life.

“The children tried to copy it. This girl climbed on a bucket, put a dupatta around her neck and hung herself,” said the police officer.

When her friends realised that the girl was not breathing, they ran away. “This is a very unfortunate incident,” said the official.

The police reached the location and took over the body. They have also started an investigation into the matter.

This is the second child suicide reported since yesterday.

Earlier, an-eight-year old girl in Mumbai had committed suicide after being caught cheating in the examination. According to reports, the girl was suffering from acute tension due the cheating incident.

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