Unknown facts of sridevi death


Dear sir until today there are rumours and suspense over the death of Sridevi but i am writing the unknown facts of late indian actress Sridevi.Sir sridevi born Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan az her original name in year 13 august 1963 in tamil nadu.Az she starred acting in her earlier due to lack of Money even not completed her education her first film was tamil movie kandan karunai at the age of 4.Her career from the Tamil to Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada films was one of the top successful carrier.Her first hindi movie was Rani mera naam got handful applaud az junior artist there after she got the recognition from the movie Solva Sawan and afterwards movie Himmatwala

Dear sir she represent Indian cinema’s first female superstar and was the recipient of a National Film Award, two Filmfare Awards and three Filmfare Awards South also  honoured by padma shri in year 2013.Sridevi ranked among the highest-paid actors in the 1980s and 1990s and is considered to be one of the most popular actresses of Indian cinema.

Sir the UNKNOWN facts i am writing started her career at the age of 4 only where she didn’t learn dancing or acting.Sir sridevi with her sister and brother 3 among was the only actress was not able to insert other into the film industry.

Az high recognition her stardom started on highest level where she stopped talking to her friendz and natives.She charged rupees 1 crore to yash chopra of her movie CHANDNI latter asked for more during the dubbing of the movie.She was fond of liquor and cigar where someone like DALLA POLITICIAN AMAR SINGH told the sources that she only takes bear etcs.

She drunk the finest whisky of that time az director subbarao wrote that without whisky sridevi iz incomplete.She gathered huge properties and assets in the name of family and members, thereafter she struggled severe court cases in between the family after the death of her father in 1991.Her sister and brother in law shrilatha and cricketer ramaswamy filed asset case against on her az family property distribution even her parents have nothing in the name of assets before sridevi started working in the movies.

Bad luck for sridevi was in the name of MITHUN CHAKRABORTY also az he refuzed to marry sridevi when both were working in movie GURU.Although actor Mithun flow money like liquid over sridevi but after effects came az a rift between the both after completing the movie.

Sir rest was done by Boney Kapoor after married with almost 15 years of difference with sridevi.He took all her money to upgrade hiz son and launched hiz son(from first wife)into the movies where hiz son didn’t do very well.

Sir sridevi wants to launch her daughter before arjun but with not enough money she took time of launching her daughter.And so az she started taking sleeping pills and high alcohol for calm down herself went on addiction.Sir her death az accidental drowning DROWNING iz new name given by WHO in year 2005 where the meaning iz immersion of fluid in respiratory system.Means enter water or fluid in lungs where difficult to take breath.Sir this iz not a cause of any death according to WHO.It means for a while someone face high breathing but not in a level of death.But in sridevi case the reports came from the rashid hospital of UAE said accidental drowning means sridevi was on severe alcohol and rivotril salt(used for calm down)over 5.00 mg heaviest doze for sleeping and thuz went out from the balance and fell into the tub which was full of water.

Sir Sridevi went to death az of taking severe sleeping doze with alcohol.Its the humanity of UAE gov.not exposed the autopsy reports either to there media also in favour of stardom of big star.In media went on rampage after hearing the death of sridevi and with all kinds of HAATH PER PHENK in air all about the rumours for which UAE news paper advised indian media to BE patient on the death of top star sridevi.With a1unitedmed Vaibhav pratap singh and vaibhav aziff media creation VAIBHAV for imc.ind.in and source media NSW and New York with association press.

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