UAE Suspends Implementation of ‘Good Conduct Certificate’, Thousands of Indians to Benefit


Dubai: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Sunday suspended the implementation of the new “good conduct certificate” for foreign job seekers until further notice.

The move is expected to benefit thousands of Indian workers who go to the country every year. It was announced by the Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratisation without giving any further details.

The “good conduct certificate” initiative by the UAE cabinet was raised on February 4, which stated that an expatriate immigrating for work should provide a police document from his country as a proof of non-criminal history or convictions.

Any Indian going to the UAE for work was required to present a certificate from the nearest police station showing they had no criminal history or convictions.

The cabinet also said that expatriates, who make 80 per cent of the UAE’s total population of 10.5 million, would be committed to provide a good conduct certificate if they change jobs within the Gulf state, but only if the new employer demands it.

The report suggested that foreign embassies in the UAE described being “inundated” with requests from their citizens.

UAE embassy officials said the new rules were applicable to citizens of Saarc countries like India and Pakistan. A total of 1.6 million Indians visited the UAE last year.

The country has three visa centres at Delhi, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram. The one in Delhi issued about 50,000 work visas last year.

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