Try These 7 Smart Beauty Hacks With Only Vaseline


Let’s face it, the humble blue and white tub of Vaseline is anything but glamorous. It sits loyally on your shelf but it’s never been one you remember to repurchase or even use frequently. Today, that might just change. You may not know it yet but, petroleum jelly (which we commonly known by its brand name, Vaseline) can assist your beauty routine in more ways than one. Astounded? So were we. Here’s how your regime can benefit from it in 7 ways.

1. Pucker Up

Finding your lips cracked and chapped, in summer and winter? Simply apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly over your lip surface and its lines and call it a night. Since it acts as a barrier, it will trap moisture over your puckers so that they’ll feel softer when you wake up.

2. Dye Smartly

The next time you colour your hair at home, keep your tub of Vaseline close. Before you get into mixing colour, apply a thin layer of Vaseline over the skin near your hairline and only then proceed with your colour job. Once you are done, simply wipe it off with a tissue and notice that your hair colour won’t leave any dreadful stains on your forehead or temples.

3. Strobe Brighter

Is your powder highlighter far too mild for your taste or just doesn’t seem to stay on your skin? Then dab a bit of petroleum jelly over the points beforehand, blend well into the skin and then dust the powder highlighter over it. Not only will it appear more pigmented, it will adhere better to the face.

4. Stop Chafing

Don’t let chafing thighs keep you away from wearing your shorts this summer. All you need to do is apply just a little bit of petroleum jelly over the areas you are facing friction, like your inner thighs. It’s your answer to keeping soreness at bay.

5. Cuticle Care

Very rarely do we care for our cuticles the way they deserve. A quick fix to get rid of their hard roughness is with petroleum jelly. Apply a clump of it over your nails and cuticles before sleeping and in a similar manner to how it works for the lips, it will allow your cuticles to stay hydrated.

6. Remove Makeup

To remove stubborn waterproof makeup (even that hard to remove mascara), just use Vaseline and a clean cotton swab. It is gentle enough for most skin types and will help makeup slide right off.

7. Makeshift Brow Gel

If your brow hair just can’t seem to stay still, run a spoolie with a bit of petroleum jelly through them. It will hold your brows in place without feeling like they’re being weighed down.

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