TIME saying past and present




Q.Who is speaking?

A.Time.Samay Waqt.

Q.I don’t recognize you who u r.

A.Time just said 5 4 3 2 1 and Explosion.

The cell phone is broken and stop.

Q.For other who is speaking?

A.Time.Q hello sir.

Q.You r fine.

A.ya great for me to talk to you sir.

Nice to listen your Voice.

Q.Yes who is speaking ?



Q.please hold while i ask my boss.

A.Time can not be holded.

Q.But sir it is my duty to tell my boss that YOU are speaking.

A.Wait a second.Just direct your boss that time was speaking.


A.Second minute the boss PM just went with heart failure and died.

Q.Sir very sorry honourable PM just died to heart failure.

A.Time is laughed that what is happened in seconds that the PM died.

Q.who is speaking ?


Q.Sir i am going with serious financial crisis my phone will stop due to non payment.

A.Count 5 4 3 2 1 and ?.

Q.Sir how amazing i win lottery of 25 crore.Just in seconds.

A.You deserve it and I gave you the prize.

Q.who is speaking ?


Q.Wait a minute i am busy for signing a letter between others of giving 1 thousand crore rupees.

Q.Count 5 4 3 2 1 and treaty of 1 thousand crore of rupees is finished and in seconds what I was giving is denied therefore cancelled.

A.Time laughed that what can I do you don’t imagine and thus you lost.

Q.who is on the line?


Q.what you expect from me?

A.Nothing but wait a second.Than Time said what happened.

Q.Sir in drone attack thousands were killed.


Q.Yes sir while talking you their was massive attacked by Super Power and killed thousand of thousands.what you did sir.

A.It is time which came and ruined everyone.

Q.Sir Big and Strong powers are killing please save us.

A.OK i grant you to save you from super powers.

Q.Sir thanxz just it is informed that Super Powers at once stopped and changed their ideas.


Q.How costly you’re wearing ME ‘time wrist watch’.

A.Cost is 5 lakhs of rupees.

Q.And your college what is the cost?

A.Just 2 thousands of rupees sir.

Q.Did you note that you’re wearing 5 lakhs of wrist watch and other is wearing only 2 thousands of cost.

Q.Yes but what is the reason behind the wristwatch one is maximum and other is minimum.

A.This is telling that how ME ‘time’ is favourable for you and how I am unfavourable for other.

Q.You know ME?

A.Yes sir.


A.Because you are standing with me which tells that what is the importance of YOU.

A.I am Time ‘jo meri kadar karta hai mein uski kadar karta hun’

Aur jo meri kadar nahi karta mein uski kadar nahi karta.It means ‘jisne mujh ko pehchan liya wo mujse nahi hara’ Aur ‘jisne waqt ko nahi pehchana meina usko hi nahi un sab ko hara diya jo apne aap ko sikendar kehta tha’ woh bhi MERE haaton is duniya ko fateh karne ke bad bhi mujh se ‘haar maan gaya tha’

TIME is superior TIME is winner TIME is Unstable TIME never ever stop TIME give the lesson to learn TIME said that no one can take me for granted TIME says be careful that who is build will be destroyed one day TIME is changeable and last RESPECT THE TIME. Vaibhav for a1unitedmedia and imc.ind.in .

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