The thrill behind thrillers


If one were to take a look at IMDB’s most awaited feature films for 2019, the first one to pop up is Velvet Buzzsaw – a horror/thriller movie about a supernatural force seeking revenge on those who have allowed greed to take precedence over art. A search for “most anticipated thrillers” throws up 20 options! But for Vish Dhamija, 48, author of recently-published The Heist Artist, there weren’t a gamut of thriller authors back in his day. Growing up reading foreign authors like Jeffrey Archer, Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, Hardy Boys and Tintin series, he says, “There were few thriller writers other than Surendra Mohan Pathak, who wrote 500 pocket books and is now getting his novels translated to English.” Though the genre is as old as time, Dhamija points out, “it’s the narrative that’s changing.”

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