Texas: Woman kills 12-feet-long alligator for eating her ‘miniature horse’


In a bizarre incident, an elderly woman killed a 12-feet-long alligator by shooting it at her ranch in Texas, the US, for eating her ‘miniature horse’, as reported by The Independent on Thursday.

According to the report, Judy Cochran — a great-grandmother — used a high-powered rifle and slaughtered the 580 lb reptile with a single bullet at a pond in Goodrich.

Cochran, the newly elected mayor of the nearby Livingston town, speaking to the media said that it was the same alligator that ate one of their miniature horses several years ago, according to The Independent report.

The reptile was caught by using a racoon as a bait by her son-in-law after which she killed it using a single bullet.

Cochran said all the parts of the hunt had been done legally.

Now, she has planned to eat the meat, make boots out of the alligator’s belly and get the head mounted after the animal was taken to a taxidermist, as reported by The Independent.

She posted pictures of her kill on Facebook and said that some of her friends at first did not believe that she had killed the reptile.

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