Technology Vs Mythology


Amazing, recently one police station is suffering from crime and criminals, have done wonderful job by adopting the technique of solving crime with the help of Mythology as ‘tona totka’ Under the Meerut zone of Uttar Pradesh one police station in meerut district is going so helpless that police and SHO of particular police station now taking the stance of ‘Ram Bharose’ running the police station.

Where our country is entered into the 20 first Century by glazing an advance technology, to control an era of advance and cyber information and technique, our ‘thanedaar’ is running with the blessing of TANTRIC and TANTRA MANTRA and guests are now ‘aghori’ and baba’s teaching the lesson as how to come out from this kind of problems and tackle the situation.

Today the police and staff of police is busy in ‘puja paath’ and in high profile cases where police is feeling Hand Free and senior police officials are making pressure to solve the big and heinous crime cases, in such cases police staff praying regularly and specially with offering ‘Dhoop and Agarbatti’ before starting investigations.All files of Forensic reports and Autopsy reports first taken in front of ‘dhoop deep’ and doing ‘aarti’ of files than also beating the files with sleepers five times each to effect and open the criminal cases.The SHO is also asking requesting Astrologer to tell the future of NOT CRIME but to tell how long they will remain their and whether the stars of criminals are strong or either there stars are strong.And whether ‘shani dev’ GOD is going in favour of criminals or whether the SHO’s stars are on ‘gardish’.!! waqt ke mare SHO bechare. Vaibhav with Nick John.For a1unitedmedia.

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