Teachers’ Day special: These simple, thoughtful gifts will surely leave your teachers impressed


On September 5 every year the sound of ‘Thank You’ reverberates everywhere. The day which marks a special celebration for acknowledging the efforts of our teachers is practiced in many countries. Teachers’ Day which falls on September 5 gives every student to say a humble ‘thank you’ to his/her teachers, guides or mentors at least once in a lifetime. On this day, take some time out and make an effort to meet your favourite teacher and gift them a token of your love. It’s not the material thing which counts but the gesture that does bring a smile on receiver’s face—and surely that matters the most. Check out the top 5 gift ideas you can put to use easily on Teachers’ Day:

Handmade card

Remember when we were in school, making handmade cards for your special friend was the bestest gift ever? So, why not for your teachers—get going this Teachers’ Day and put all your artistic and creative bent on mind on a piece of chart paper. You can use colourful paper as a background or make a simple card with a white background and beautify it with sparkles and blow pens, easily available in the market. Write a sweet message inside the card, and give it with love!

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