Spotting Fake News is Still Ghastly.


Spotting Fake News is Still Ghastly.


It should be possible to automatically identify dubious news sources is still hard job.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg promised that AI would help solve the problem of fake news, he disclosed little in the way of how. New research brings us one step closer to figuring that out.

In an extensive study the researchers from MIT, Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI),and Sofia University in Bulgaria tested more than 800 possible variables for predicting a media outlets.

The researchers then trained a machine-learning model on different combinations of the variables to see which would produce the most accurate results.
But weather it will be easy?!!

In research on fake-news detection since four main approaches have emerged: detecting fake articles,fact-checking individual claims,hunting down trolls and measuring the reliability of news sources.

Previous studies tried to characterize the reliability of a news source by how many of its claims matched or dissented capricious with claims that had been fact-checked already. In other words, a machine would compare the history of factual claims made by a news outlet against the conclusions of sites.

To spot a fake news source they trained their system using variables that could be tabulated independently of human fact-checkers.
To select the variables, the researchers relied both on previous research - past studies have shown that fake news articles tend to have repetitive word choices.


In addition to obtaining more training data, the researchers are also looking to improve their model’s performance with more variables, some of which describe the structure of the website, whether it has contact information, and its patterns of publishing and deleting content.

They are also in the early stages of building a news clustering platform that gives readers important cues to the trustworthiness of every story and source shared.

Despite the work left to be done,such technology can help resolve the fake-news epidemic.With a1unitedmedia and Source media.

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