Shravan 2018: Check out the important dates in this holy month dedicated to Lord Shiva


Mumbai: The Hindu month of Shravan, which falls in July –August according to the Gregorian calendar is extremely auspicious. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this month is all about penance, fasting, prayers and devotion.

Devotees across the country celebrate this month by offering their prayers to the Lord of the Lords – Shiva, who helps people to overpower wordly desires. Devotees also take part in Kanwar Yatra during this period to expression their devotion by carrying sacred water in pitchers that are tied to a bamboo pole. This pole is carried on the shoulder by devotees who balances the pole on his shoulder wihtout letting the pitchers on either side move from its position.

Interestingly, the Northern and Southern states in India celebrate this month on different dates. The month of Shravan in North India and Southern India is about a fortnight apart because the former follows the Purnimant (full moon) calendar while the latter goes by the Amavasyanta (no moon).

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