Sabarimala Temple opens for 2nd day, tensions continue, buses cancelled


Parts of Kerala resumed their tense state of affairs on Thursday morning, as the Sabarimala Temple opened for the day. Security arrangements in the surrounding areas have been tightened in the face of a strike called by the Sabarimala Samrakshana Samiti against the entry of women into the temple. The state transport corporation has suspended all services in the area.

The Sabarimala shrine opened on Thursday morning after a day of ugliness outside its walls. The pilgrimage had opened on Wednesday, with numerous protests on the route to the temple against woman pilgrims who were attempting to catch their first darshan of Ayyappa.

A number of incidents of violence had been reported through the day, with female pilgrims and journalists, harassed, heckled and assaulted by angry protestors. Some also pelted stones at cars that were carrying women in the direction of the temple.

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