Ram Mandir and Masjid ‘Jinn’ has come out again


Recently Ram Mandir and Masjid ‘Jinn’ has come out again.Matter is disputed and in Apex Court waiting for semi final.Final will be played when President and first Man of country can also add or minus according to the decision.Than for further it can goes to an international court of Justice throw UN council of law and justice.But the basic thing is, if you can’t sort out your own interior problems that what can we expect from our politicians to sort out matters like J&K dispute with pakistan and other like arms dealing with foreign countries and US warning of putting sanctions to the country.

The founder of Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas and founder of Ram Mandir Nirman Samiti Mahant Ramchandra Paramhans (1913-2003) who was the apex person of ‘Sant Samaj’ in 2002 announced that he will offered prayer in disputed land of structure.

During his decision when late PM shri Atal Ji heard that paramhans is going to offer prayer in disputed land, he at once sent his messenger to request not to do so.But man of principle and’ ziddi’ Paramhans denied to listen and on exact date in morning started his journey to offer prayer.PM and CM of UP Rajnath Singh was monitoring the sensitive issue.When Mahant walking towards his journey administration was gone so tight security that to stop single person there was 4 layer of security was imposed.1 police 2 SSB seema suraksha bal 3 NSG commandos and 4 army.

Therefore security people requested not to entered in disputed land as the integrity of our constitutional structure will collapsed and also police and security people will seen as suspicious. Latter he was taken out with full respect and convoy of army took Paramhans with siren and hooters were blowing on every government vehicle and Mahant was sitting alone in army vehicle with having tears in eyes.And in last addressing a meeting he said” that no one can made temple either anyone and it is your dream only that Ram temple will be made here” and later he died before having Cancer and earlier he also sit on hunger strike to show his anger towards BJP and their allies. Vaibhav imc.ind.in

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