Rahul Gandhi vs Narendra Modi: Quick-fire recap of allegations and counters


New Delhi: Friday was a day of intense political mudslinging under the guise of no-confidence motion debate in Parliament and leaders of opposition and BJP indulged in unchecked and unabashed charges against one another. Congress President Rahul Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi were at the forefront in trading punches and countered one another by speeches peppered with severity and sarcasm.

Here is a quick recap of allegations and charges made by Rahul Gandhi during his speech in the afternoon, followed by PM Modi’s rebuttal in an almost 90-minute speech late at night.

Rahul Gandhi: India is a victim of BJP’s political weapon called the ‘Jumla strike’.

PM Modi: Congress has only one goal, and keep stating it – remove Modi. Just because they want to remove Modi from this position, look at all the kind of people they have brought together.

Rahul Gandhi: He said he is the chowkidar of the country. In truth, there are a few rich businessmen who are in collusion with PM Modi, and he works only for them, not for the country’s poor.

PM Modi: You have said I am not chowkidar but bhaagidar. You’re right. I am the bhaagidar of the country’s poor and stand with them to help them rise.

Rahul Gandhi: PM Modi cannot look me in the eye.

PM Modi: It is correct. I have no capacity to look you in the eye. I am a poor man born in a backward family. What right do I have? Besides, it is well known what happens to people who oppose Congress. Also, the entire country saw earlier today what eye movements mean (referring to Rahul’s wink in Parliament).

Rahul Gandhi: At a time when the Doklam crisis was happening, when our soldiers were standing bravely against the Chinese, PM Modi visited China without even an agenda.

PM Modi: They speak of Doklam and of China. They should not speak about matters they have absolutely no idea about. Such amateurish behaviour is shameful. The charges are shameful. Doubting surgical strikes and questioning our soldiers is shameful. Abuse Modi as much as you want but never say a word against our brave forces.

Rahul Gandhi: Defence Minister spoke the untruth. She said there was a secret pact with France and therefore, the details of the Rafale deal cannot be revealed. When I met the French president, he said there is no such pact.

PM Modi: To question the integrity and honesty of the country’s Defence Minister, and that too without any proof or facts, is condemnable.

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