Puppy clubbed to death by university staff, sparks outrage


Animal activists around the world are absolutely fuming after a report emerged of staff in a Chinese university clubbing a puppy to death after it was found in the student’s dormitory.

According to local media reports, the puppy belonged to a student of the university who had kept the animal with him in the dormitory without seeking approvals or getting permissions. Students of Ankang University in Shaanxi Province told PETA Asia that some of them heard the dog whimpering in the corridor and that while one member of the security staff was responsible for beating the dog, another brought in a plastic bag to pack up the bloodied body after the animal had died.

Disturbing images of the animal lying in a pool of blood and of being put in a plastic bag later, went viral around the world. While the students of the university have demanded that the two members of the security team be sacked immediately, most others around the world want an even stricter punishment. What is even more shocking is that there are reports which suggest this is not the first time such an incident has taken place here. A dog was beaten to death in the same university just two months back which had largely gone unnoticed.

PETA and similar groups for the rights of animals have repeatedly warned of dangers dogs face in China – a country infamous for eating dog meat and using various parts of the animal for industrial and medicinal purposes.

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