Pakistan’s national airline has several pilots who aren’t even graduates


The process of becoming a commercial pilot the world over requires one to be highly qualified and technically trained to understand the science behind flying and have the skills to control an aircraft. Not all in the Pakistan International Airlines’ staff, however, may have these qualifications.

The country’s Civil Aviation Authority recently informed Pakistan’s top court that at least five of PIA’s pilots have been found without even a basic matriculation degree. Even more shockingly, many other pilots have been found guilty of providing fake academic credentials.

According to a report in Dawn, one of the three judges observed that people who won’t qualify to drive a bus are flying passengers in PIA aircraft – a massive threat to the safety of passengers and the planes. It was, in turn, informed that the aviation body has been unable to verify several academic credentials due to non-cooperation of educational institutes and universities. Nonetheless, 50 people have reportedly been suspended after their resumes were found ridden with bogus academic credentials.

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