Nirjala Ekadashi Vrata 2018: Tithi, Timings and significance


Mumbai: Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Ekadashis are very important days in the Hindu calendar. Ekadashi means the eleventh day of a fortnight. Among the 24 Ekadashis in the annual Hindu Calendar, the Nirajala Ekadashi is the most significant. This day falls during the Shukla Paksha in the Jyeshtha maas and coincides with the months of May or June in the Gregorian calendar.

Devotees generally fast on all the 24 Ekadashis and some consume only food preparations ideal for vratas. But on this day, people observe fast and do not even consume a drop of water. Nirjala literally means ‘without water’.

And those who are not in a position to fast during the rest of the Ekadashis, can observe vrata on this day.

This year, Nirjala Ekadashi will being celebrated on June 23. According to, the Tithi will begin at 03:19 on June 23 and will end at 03:52 on the following day.

The Parana Time (ideal time to break the fast) is on June 24 between 13:55 to 16:33 and Hari Vasara Ends at 10:08.

The Nirjala Ekadashi is also known as Bheemaseni Ekadashi, named after Bheema of the Mahabharata. The second son of Kunti and King Pandu, Bheema loved to eat. He could never observe fast and control his hunger. Miffed with himself for disrespecting Lord Vishnu, Bheema met Maharishi Vyasa to seek a solution to this problem. And after meeting the sage, Bheema started observing Nirjala Ekadashi. He was told that by fasting on this date, he would derive the benefits of all the other Ekadashis.

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