Missed PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day address to nation? Watch full speech here


New Delhi: On the occasion of India’s 72nd Independence Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday addressed the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort. This was his fifth and last Independence Day speech ahead of the next Lok Sabha election to be held in 2019.

The Prime Minister spoke on a wide range of issues and made some key announcements. He covered aspects like Jan Arogya Abhiyan, Jammu and Kashmir, honest taxpayers, northeast states, etc.

Drawing a comparison between the situation in 2013 and how things stand today, PM Modi said if the pace of the UPA government’s last year was maintained, it would have taken decades, centuries and generations to build as many toilets, distribute as many LPG connections among the poor and lay down as much optical fibre as his government has done. While the country is brimming with self-confidence today, it is forging ahead with a new sense of commitment, he added.

Speaking about the recent Monsoon Session of Parliament, PM Modi said it was dedicated to social justice, with measures being taken to protect the interests of Dalits, deprived people, tribals, women and the backwards.

He further said that Indians today across the globe are feeling proud as the country has become the sixth largest economy in the world. While decisions have been held back in the past due political and other compulsions, bold decisions like the GST are being taken now, he said.

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