Dear sir if you see on international forum you find our NEWS agencies or print or electronic media have no RECOGNITION and this is disturbing.According to international press association the indian news have no credibility and fake news surrounding everywhere,which is not only suspicious but useful for fraud and yellow journalism.The matter first came out of 2011 where learned media went on same direction where”some people”instructed to go onwards.Sir at that time Anna hazare movement was damaging the credibility of parliament and Anna was on rampage to throw out the UNITED PROGRESSIVE ALLIANCE aka upa from the government.In this regard some became hero and some became zero.Unlikely the other surrounded Anna,s became anarchist and other learned people known for anarchism became villain in the eyes of our people.This all happened because on journalism shoulders some one sitting were like arvind kejriwal and,it shows that all mighty GOD has given a Man of PRINCIPLE who is kejriwal.Sir the MANAGED media creation is known as arvind kejriwal.Anna Hazare reputation was cashed by this shrewd man and therefore in the interest of his own ambition he created AAM AADMI PARTY in which know one was Aam balki all was”khaas”!Thus simple man hazare get confused at that time as he was supporting a bill for acceleration of our system which is now collapse,with the help of unknown figures.All that happened was in the name of activist Anna other,my baap rises and now until today become headache for aam aadmi.In this regard nothing was leaked as who supported the massive agitation who were those people who sit with Anna as they were not the followers of Anna therefore who brought these FIGHTERS and by which way all movement was managed as the faces we saw threw media was first timer but comman was that all was”FUCKREY”thus the contributors were whether from OUTSIDERS who was looking to trash that times government or who was gaining some because all what happened was the dignity of a simple activist was demolished by the sorrounders.Sir in this regard even Anna also didn’t knew that who was actual sponsor,but with managed media and certain people,get the benefit of what so called movement was.Now basic part of these lines r that in a so big agitation it was BJP and RSS people or volunteers who helped and managed so properly that no one actually attracted by this way as where the funding of the movement coming and to whom is helping or who was getting benefit from that,rather various organisations.Sir all was in the minds of masterminds and nobody questioned,as fair or black money used for clicking the movement?Media 24×7 broadcasts in a way of blackmailing the UPA government so the big amount or obligation were gone in the pocket of respected



media and it means from both sides media catch the package in different ways.All is not finished after the general elections media played an important role as either giving the coverage of PM Narendra Damodar Modi and well advertisement of shri modi.In each rally their was thousands and thousands of gathering,never seen by anyone as who is the promoter of these rallies and whether it was from BJP treasury or industrialist were behind these rallies with (black money circulation)All in this one thing meet out that how to make modi more and more POPULAR at the time.From Anna,s movement to general elections and from arvind to modi champions media played the unexpected roll to increase the following of the particulars.And after NDA came into the power and Narendra Modi becomes HERO and Self IKON not only in country but all around on international stage.No way media missed any coverage of self style HERO pm from that up to until now.The conclusion of these incidents give the message that who to show hero and how to show zero r in the hands of media,which way you have to move now be decided by media not by our representatives.All the news r now paid having big packages or otherwise if nothing than to increase the TRP of their channels they use”shridevi death” to”salman khan”arrest and if more than to show or use the instrument of blackmailing like baba,s and company than get big cash in the form of their time slots ads like nirmal DARSHAN shri shri DARSHAN or negative DARSHANS of culprits babas.Media is also become the judiciary and give atonce order for a jail or bail.In this regards in the game of hook and crook someone loose his credibility and some gets the credibility,no excuse for showing wrong and no justification for not showing right as we r having an instrument of FREEDOM OF PRESS.Now as today I am writing I see the man who once shaked the country sitting with few people with no TAM JHAM nor any coverage and non of his so called followers who had been awarded by our NEXUS,anna hazare finished his fast in just two days due to lack of his followers.With source media and association press VAIBHAV for IMC under a1unitedmedia powered by and international press source.

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