McDonald’s serves cleaning solution instead of coffee to pregnant woman


A McDonald’s outlet in Canada’s Lethbridge reportedly served a cup full of cleaning solution instead of coffee to a pregnant woman recently.

Canada’s The Star reported that Sarah Douglas ordered for coffee at a McDonald’s drive-through but as she was driving away, she took a sip – only to get a mouthful of a bitter tasting liquid. While Douglas immediately spit out the liquid, it is learnt that she went back to the outlet to complain and this is when she was told that two cleaning lines were linked to the coffee machine which is what could have led to the mix-up.

Douglas then contacted the Alberta Health Services and was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was treated in the poison control unit.

Meanwhile, the franchise has issued for the grave mistake which could have proven deadly for Douglas and her unborn child. The franchise also said in a statement that corrective measures have been taken and that the cleaning procedure has been revamped completely to ensure such an incident never occurs again.

It is not yet clear if Douglas will initiate legal proceedings though.

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