Mark Zukerbarg in trouble


Now this time it is Mark Zukreberg founder and chief of Facebook feeling helpless over the issue of fake and piracy data control system.He said that if anybody lost their data than in recovery it will take 1 to 3 years for searching and no surety that we can recover.Founder shows the glimpse of hopelessness and in future there is no guarantee to detect those people who r writing fake subjects and high inflammable which can created a big riots or different clashing opinion.Zuckerberg is helpless as the reason is u cant detect a person or an organisation those r involve in this game.Main reason is that FB can run on several ID second if someone ID is block by FB person can made different ID from same number third is there is no boundation on any one to use FB for their personal advantages or write without knowing the facts.Therefore when FB founder ID was hacked by someone the team of FB worked for one week to know exactly by which way the person did that and what is the remedy.Therefore when the owner is showing helpless than what about others who r in anticipation for recovering their stolen data.Vaibhav IMC for

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