Man of principle Yogi Adityanath CM of UP


Man of principle Yogi Adityanath CM of UP

Dear sir recent visit of yogi Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in bulandshahr distt.was a hard hitting,for those who were waiting from early 8:45 am az official announcement from lucknow till 13:05 pm his arrival due to some lacuna .Az CM visited their was lot of hopes around by all section of society but rather yogi all found himself circled by puppets,so all hopes were destroyed firstly by puppets and second by NIKAMMA PRASHAN collapsed administration.


There were lot of inspections by him but all went in cold pockets of nikamma administration,az formalities were happened only to save the face.No home work was done by anyone firstly by administration second by representatives from BJP.Sir there was many who wants to discuss about the system and other sources were all stopped by in a manner of hook or crooked way by these SEVAKS.Very difficult situation of farmers for not getting slips of there sugarcane was on top priority then there was fees matter of CBSE were different Ngo,z wanted to tell about fees hiking but no sound listen there in the programm.


Sir SC/ST issues were pending like awasiya yojana were the in senders or living people below poverty line not getting the amount of renovations was acting agenda but no hearing.All sections of society including Muslims not getting fare benefit of honourable PM,s schemes was also a part of review was thrown by CM heckers.Therefore in just a hour or more,everything metarlised by all.Now the question raised by some people as the programme was only to show the face of CM or something which was fruitful were not taken our representatives.But in all GHAPAR CHAUD one thing happened of getting 100 crores of SAUGAT given by honourable CM to district which was knowned.So the question again comes as to what important did by Yogi aditya nath by coming to the district only to disturb in a manner of checking and security by which many suffered specially school and colleges students and big gainer was the host of the programm by saving thousand and lakhs of fund (Chanda) released in the favour of a bigger programm.From a1unitedmedia bulandshahr to vaibhavpratapsingh for and source media across.

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