Law and Justice are same for all?NO


Dear sir today there is a war going around between some of our pillars of democracy, judiciary and press.Now when I write about LAW AND JUSTICE R SAME FOR ALL IN INDIA? NO,,

In my words law and justice means(salman khan) and cancer disease means(new and media of India)Now from 1998 case is pending against,law and justice,and the decision is awaiting.In some cases it is relief and in some cases it is in process.Sir my view of having so many criminal cases pending on a person and still he is out, is a some kind of pressure on judiciary.On the other hand the person is facing a sword linking on his face for so many years is a pressure on him but what is disturbing is a part of our cancerious media who take that matter neither on rjght way nor in the left way.Before sentencing the order,all Indian media were the first approcher in jodhpur where Mrs salman khan had to present.The day on which he was sentenced jail for 5 years at that day from morning to evening and early to night what was going was only salman khan.Now if you analiyse u will find that the case was simply of 25 arms act and it is so comman that some times our learned police use this act to TRACK some one by putting local



gun or”katta”desi arm for rough use,on particular,therefore this act is use in our daily police process.Now the same act if applicable on some one like salman khan it looks that so ever the person had made a severe crime booked under 25 arms act because he is CELIBRITY Now if u r not a celebrity than this kind of criminal case can be negotiable either for asking or giving penalty in a form of your secure bonds.But u will not stop this case by asking to compansiate as u(law and justice)r also under threat from various CANCERS.The thing which is not digestable is ur attitude in which, under the freedom of writing,you ask any thing or debate with different people who don,t know the ABC’s of certain case and just simply commenting on air.And the substance of the whole is if u get free from the



case in that you r criticized for using your celebrity status and also listen the comments that, you r flying kite with PM so how can you be punished and if you got punished than you listen that the law abide for all but in your case you got MINIMUM penalty therefore your punishment should be doubled and if you got bail than you listen that you r not an ordinary person so you get the bail at once though using your status as an instrument.Therefore no relief for you if you r guilty or if you r not guilty but the tune will always getting change but not for the facts or any sympathy with you but to show the aggression and how much you can make your debate sensational and you get applause or award from all sources of doing accurate reporting.In this who is the looser or who is the winner no one knows.VAIBHAV FOR IMC.

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