Lamborghini Performante worth crores charred in gas station fire


Never drive away a car which still has the fuel hose attached to it.

The most basic of do’s and dont’s was ignored by a minivan driver who carelessly drove his vehicle away with the fuel pipe still attached at a petrol pump in United States’ Missouri. And in his wake, the driver caused a massive fire as fuel gushed out of the pump and on to the hot engine bay of a Lamborghini parked at the station – immediately setting it ablaze.

Local media reports that the drivers of two Lamborghini Performante – worth US $400,000 – had gone into the convenience store of the petrol pump to buy water after competing in a rallying event. Since they had just participated in the event, the bonnet of the supercars was still hot – a major reason why once fuel spilled on it, one of the Lamborghinis caught fire. The other was covered in ash but reportedly suffered no major damage.

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