Is Indian Judiciary is system of justice or harassment?


Indian court take so much time as the masters of master had written “that Indian courts are instruments of harassment.

And that is why Indian courts punishment is so slow.You can imagine that Film actor Sanjay Dutt.of 1993 blast accused and final order came to after 2005 and the act in which sanjay dutt was booked was 35/36 arms act which is a smallest arms act which harassed dutt for more than 15 years.

And you can look kasab that was identified that out of 10/9 militants were killed on spot 1 was remained and that took more than 1.5 years to be hanged.Our judicial process took 1.5 years by providing a lawyer to kasab.

The concern part is all people have the right to say in their voice as face saving and from sessions to civil courts of law and justice.

The procedure is so slow that one court took more than 5 years to 10 years in starting and the brake lift after the final judgment of supreme court came.

Now ayodhya dispute verdict of 10 thousand papers to be done on English as they were in hindi and will take at least 3 month to present before court.

So by this way when you have to listen single evidence single person sometimes evidence got ruined sometimes they became hostile and sometimes lack of evidence the benefit of the doubt went in favour of culprits.

Therefore some wrong investigation went made by police or intelligence force create disharmony and benefit of the doubt went to criminals.

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