Indian spy Hamid Nehal Ansari crosses Wagah border.DAWN newspaper new



Recentlythe indian citizen *Hamid Nehal Ansari* who was imprisoned in Pakistan freed by pakistan Authorities threw Wagah border and came to his nation and was very emotional after looking Indian soil and his parents.First word he said after entering was *’bharat mata ki jai’ and Maa tujhe Salaam*.

It is a biggest slapped on those muslims faces who says that they will not say ‘bharat mata ki jai.It is a biggest slapped on those muslims faces who says PM Narendra Modi is our *‘enemy’*

*Hamid Nehal Ansari* was trapped by one shrewd muslim girl as she wrote Hamid that she is a social activist from pakistan and need help from you to save my life from pakistani *’darinde’* and their *’darindgi’* means Molestation of women social activists of pakistan in the year 2012.

Hamid asked what she need from me.Thus the woman told of suffering financial crisis.The gentle person Hamid became ready to help woman from financial crisis.Further he told that he didn’t came to pak.So the girl said *OK* you can come to Afghanistan and i will meet you there.Hamid *33* from mumbai took the flight for Kabul afghanistan and reached their.

But he was not aware the conspiracy as why woman was calling him.And when he reached their she took him to pakistan.It is also said that Hamid was not carrying pakistani visa.So the woman told don’t worry i am with you.Therefore what amount she wanted hamid gave her in exchange of currency to dollars.

Then the poor innocent guy after helping the woman told that now he is leaving.And amazing thing was the actual woman who called him didn’t came and send her college to collect money.Hamid asked where is actual girl is? She laughed and said she is no more.And just after pakistani rangers came and arrested Hamid near Pak- Afghan border area.They took Hamid at *KOHAT* district of Khyber Pakhtun province of *pakistan*.

Then it is said that Pakistan intelligence and pak rangers sent Hamid to Army Provincial headquarter in *2012*.

After his disappearance from Afghan border his family members took initiative and requested that their son Hamid Ansari had gone to Afghan to met one woman social activist and did not reached to india.Hence it was told that he is arrested in Pak Kohat district for allegation of having indian *SPY*. Thereafter in 3 years in jail he was harassed and tortured brutally.The matter went to pakistani court of law and justice.There it was proved that Hamid Nehal Ansari was illegal migrant and for further he was sentenced 3 years of imprisonment from *2015* .But the lawyers of Hamid told army judiciary that he had already spent 3 years of jail for no cause.But at last he was directed to have 3 more years of prision in pakistan.And at last in 2018 when he completed his imprisonment he was freed by pakistan and on tuesday he sent to india via wagah border he came in his own country.

*The story he told was horrific and enough for those who sing the song of pakistan*.

1.When he arrested by pakistani military they said that Hamid Nehal Ansari was a spy of indian *RAW (research and analysis wing)*

2.He was beaten daily by cruelty and went to unconsciousness.

3.One day he was called out in winters with *naked* to stand nearly 5 days continuously with no food and water.Hence his Sugar Level down and also BP blood pressure was down.

4.He met with other prisoners who was also muslims.Pakistani Army told that you are living under the leadership of *’kafirs*.

5.He said one day some military people came and asked to stand.They all stand.Then the boss said do you know *Ajmal kasab* one of us said yes.Then he asked who was ajmal kasab? The person named Mushtaq also an indian prisoner said he was *‘dehshat gard’* and suddenly the person took a pipe and start hammering the person mushtaq.He was beaten so brutally that he went to *coma*.And still today he is in coma.The person said ‘he was *shaheed* and gave his *shahadat’*.

6.Hamid Nehal Ansari said one day he was beaten so furiously that his eye *retina* was bursted.

7.Another prisoner in jail named *Mohammad yusuf* also an indian prisoner one day asked by pakistani ranger came and asked to polish his shoes.Yusuf went to do polish on shoes.Therefore ranger told polished my shoes from your ‘tongue’ The person polished his shoes from his tongue by *licking* his shoes from his tongue.

*And what else i said that i was treated like Muhajirs muslims*

These are some horrific stories which was came out and the woman social activist who opened her mouth for our human rights Hamid told her name was *Zeenat Shahzadi* was abducted by pakistani army and until today she is missing. *With a1unitedmedia Vaibhav for global Media*

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