Indian Gutkha company employees ‘take over’ luxury cruise with scantily-clad dancers: Report


It was a nightmare for several Australians on board a luxury cruise as their journey was reportedly ruined by more than 1000 employees of Indian gutkha company, Kamla Pasand. According to a report in Australia-based 9News, the employees of the Indian company literally hijacked the pool deck and bars on the cruise.

The report said that they even brought with them Burlesque dancers and skimpily-dressed women along on the lavish Voyager of the Seas cruise. Families on board the cruise had to rush to their rooms to escape the trouble and embarrassment.

9News report further said that the lunch and dinner buffet was also off limits for the passengers as the Kamla Pasand employees ran amok, accounting for more than one third of the cruise’s capacity.

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