India Victory or Defeat – Hypocrisy of Indian Constitutional Structures.Inside story of India


Today when 2019 elections are on head politicians are busy as what will be the priorities before going on elections.Earlier in 2014 General Elections their was BJP prime ministerial Candidate was Shri Narendra Modi.

And during elections it was slogans like ‘ Maximum Governance and Less Government’ also Gujarat Role Model.And after ‘sabka saath sabka vikas’.that was the top on the priorities.Also Ram Mandir and Masjid was sitting near to sea shore.

Now again elections are coming but the Magic is that the matter which was sitting at that time where on 99.9% back out of hundred, suddenly became on top of the agenda.And the matter is itself Questioning that how amazingly i am on top on First rank and how sabka saath sabka vikas in down like SHARE market ‘ulat pher.

Now SS SV short form is on 99.9% last on index.Now the parties are playing their original game of hypocrisy they are known for.One is saying that look tiger is coming with hanging a plate of Muslims,  are in danger and SECULARISM is most in danger.Other is asking people of this country that look tiger is coming with hanging a plate of Hindus,  are in danger and COMMUNALISM is most in danger.Now one is saying that we are the people rescue you from hindu danger and other is saying that we are the people rescue from muslims danger.

And india is saying that i am in danger why? Than india is saying that i have only 2% of agriculture land remaining than drinking water is 4% remaining than pollution is going at peak and population is going on peak.Further forests are remaining 3% and wildlife and animals are remaining 1.3% and tigers are vanishing day by day as 4000 tigers are remaining.Wildlife protection is collapsed and nature is more collapsing.

In every one minute 35 childs are borning.And population of india which is said that 130 crores or 135 crores is in data index is totally wrong because during the survey of public commission 2018 told the central Government that 80% is only aadhar card were made and according to data analysis it was 128 crores of people according to public commission.And 20% is until waiting for there aadhar card which means that 15 crores of people is not got the aadhar card.Than illegal migrants are 5 crores where bangladeshi muslims are 4 crores and rohingya muslims is 1 crore and total is 128 + 15 + 5 = 148 crores of total population is existing in india.

The way now we will also make CONSTITUTIONAL DAY which is on 26th november like United States made constitutional day the same day.Will tell the people about their constitutional rights, also what is our fundamental rights and what is the use of these rights and what today we are misusing our rights.

During2002 the PM of india late shri atal bihari vajpayee made the commission which was Venkat Chaliya commission headed by 11 person and venkat chaliya commission gave the brief report that their is 244 clauses in the commission and the 24th clause was underlined as top of the priority and that was stopping population growth.

They also added that 24th clause should be imposed in constitution as 47th constitutional amendment which is based on that if any person or family with have more than two children than all the government facilities should be stopped and barring the person for not getting Rashan Card,  Pan Card And Blocking in Banking sector means they would not be allowed to open bank account and also the last banning is to cast their votes.

And vajpayee ji did there level best to made consensus on this critical issue.But ultimately no result was came and opposition with their hypocrisy made the sensitive issue a non sensitive issue.

Therefore india is sitting on highest and greatest explosion and no one looking the explosive incident and the most dangerous and critical issue but ignoring for their self interest not for national interest. With a1unitedmedia Vaibhav for with Nick John Source Media.

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