India For Jai Hind


By Author and Chief

First happy Republic day to all across Followers Supporters and Friends plus Enemies also.Enemies becauze they gave me means HUM the courage to fight against big and powerful people who r shaking India.Today on Republic day i think many people of this country even don’t know about what is Republic and what does Republic means.I am saying that the government which is elected by the people by a democratic way is Republic.And what benefits are given in Constitution to people.

Republic mean Constitutional institutes rights and constitutional institutes which means Election Commission National Security Commission Public Commission Planning Commissions and Human rights Commission.Now today all Commissions credibility is demolishing by Apex people of this Nation.Four pillars of constitution now today is being collapsed. Earlier it was three pillars which was collapsed but now the supreme court of Judiciary “pillar” is also collapsed when during the Year 2018 the Supreme Court Judges came first time in front of Indian media and broke their silence and said that the constitution is in danger.Why they said didn’t counts but what is accountable is the pillar which was remaining and people have an image of that at least Supreme Court is honest and listener of Aam Aadmi is also broken.

Now if the integrity of apex court is suspicious than same will happen as today is happening.The orders of Apex court is also challenged.Now the social public justice Commission and all are facing threats from the politicians as well powerful people of this country.The Supreme Court orders are exposing.Supreme Court gave verdict to hang some terrorists and anti social elements were seen as Court is against all so called secular people communalism is prevailed.In my opinion as “secular” myself saying Afzal Guru was not the terrorist he was the Shaheed gave Shadat and Yakub Memon was not the terrorist even got punishment and is Shaheed and similarly another person “Burhan Wani was not the terrorist he was the schoolboy and son of headmaster in Jammu and Kashmir” one senior journalist called “Barkha dutt” on tv debate.Similarly Mannan Wani of Aligarh Muslim University was not the terrorist and forcely killed murdered.Now who are terrorist Vijay salaskar from Mumbai police official and Ashok Kamte was terrorist from Mumbai while he was on duty was killed by Gang so called Secular.As well as Sandeep Unnikrishnan major of Army, captain Saurabh Kalia of army beheaded during kargil war and his head was not given by Pak army rangers despite violation of War terms condition.Hemraj and constable Narendra Dahiya army recently Dhaiya was not only killed but beheaded and dismembered into many pieces.The cremation was done without his major body parts as pak took all pieces of dhaiya.

Rifleman Aurangzeb was beheaded and terrorists took his head with them even posing photo of aurangzeb head on their hand and smiling.The Inspector of Delhi Police died in Batla House encounter which was said faked.

The people those who were saying “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge Inshallah Inshallah” are patriotic and the person today who received “Bharat Ratna” is a Khalnayak aur villain.Last today I am saying one thing that all the constitution institutes are collapsing one by one and 2019 general election is something very dangerous election in the history of India. People or parties or politicians are fighting for their survival and not for the country.

All parties fighting as do or die similarly the Congress party today for last trump card saying do or die and all parties are using their last Trump cards.Same for BJP Narendra Modi PM is also a card which is failed and people are desperate and saying that you will save this country.

I am saying to people use your last trump card for survival and save yourself and don’t indulge army and security forces of this country because if they will also collapse then be ready for becoming slave of other country or servant of other people like East India company who captured India and independence was back by thousands of National icons lost their life to giving India FREEDOM. Jai Hind and Mera Bharat Mahan. Vaibhav

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