In Mamata’s bastion, PM Modi attacks West Bengal’s ‘syndicate politics’


PM Narendra Modi launched an unflinching attack on Mamata Banerjee and accused her government of deliberately restricting aspirations of people in West Bengal. Blaming the ‘political syndicate’ for the maladies here, he said the state is suffering because of Trinamool’s selfish policies and divisive politics.

Speaking at a Kisan Kalyan rally in Paschim Mednipur on Monday, PM Modi said West Bengal is being run completely by a syndicate that is clamping down on development. “The political syndicate here is reducing the great land of Bengal to new lows and insulting its heritage. Nothing works without the syndicate’s approval. Want to do business? Seek syndicate’s approval. Want to sell products? Syndicate dictates price. Even college admissions don’t work without it,” he said. “They (state government) speak of ma, maati (land) and manush (people) but their real face has been exposed.”

Referring to the violence in the state during panchayat elections recently, PM Modi said the lack of faith in democracy here has been revealed. “Killing people for political gains is a sin. There is a ‘murder your opponents’ syndicate operating here,” he said. “The money sent by the central government to West Bengal cannot be used without the permission of this syndicate.”

Asking people in the state to rise above petty issues and come together to remove this syndicate. “Just as people in your neighbouring Tripura came together, I ask you to rise with courage. It is this courage that will rattle the syndicate operating here and stopping your dreams from becoming reality.”

PM Modi’s most-recent attack is likely to evoke an equally strong response from Mamata who, even in the past, has not refrained from targeting the BJP. Calling it a militant organisation, Mamata has said BJP is dividing people on the lines of religion. Leaders in her party too have indulged in name calling with secretary general Partha Chatterjee terming BJP president Amit Shah as a ‘rioter.’

In the run-up the Lok Sabha elections next year, many expect Mamata to play a big role with opposition parties clamouring to join hands to bring down NDA.

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