FIFA World Cup final: Bookies in India likely to operate from neighbouring countries


Bookies in the country may be gearing up to shift operations to neighbouring countries in the wake of police forces across the country tightening the noose before Sunday’s FIFA World Cup 2018 final between France and Croatia.

Zee News has learnt from reliable sources that some of the most notorious of bookies in India have already flown to Nepal and Sri Lanka in order to cash in on the highly anticipated match in Russia’s Moscow. Some from Mumbai and Ahmedabad have also gone to Thailand. Since betting is illegal in India, bookies reportedly will accept payments from their trusted punters and only once they return to the country after the match. It is also learnt that newcomers will be asked to deposit some amount up front as advance to place their bets.

To counter these tactics, Mumbai Police – in particular – has been in top gear and officers have been instructed to make use of human intelligence and tap informants. Mumbai Police’s Cyber Cell is also on high alert for any suspicious activity taking place on social media sites.

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