Fake news created bubbles of Laughing


USA Recently one incident happened which was not get so much highlighted as the incident was.I am talking about one news of United States branded newspaper-The Washington Post-wrote Major horrific news Title “UNPRESIDENT”.meaning clearly that US President Donald Trump resigned from his post or quits president ship.

The paper was distributed Free of Cost in and out in Washington and near areas of the state. Amazing thing was that people started celebration of resigning Trump.

The fact is that today is very unprecedented in US that Trump may resign from his post and new president of United States may take over the charge of Presidentship.Now how this voice going larger is a Question, but otherwise how people started celebrating is a serious matter.

Thereafter 2 or 3 hours later the original Washington Post declared that in the name of Our new paper someone created a chaos situation to defame our newspaper.Afterwards it was probe order was given by Authorities in Washington.

But whatever happened can’t be neglected as in just starting his (Trump) administration the voices are so loud against him that even the fake news was circulated the atmosphere get so much cheerful that people believed in seconds of second that time now started wonderful for America as the person is passing.

And also a warning by people who are openly against Trump(not Trump) but the ideology of Donald Trump giving sharp message to control some of his disputed decision which not only people of United States but other countries and coalition partners are also not happy. With a1unitedmedia Vaibhav for imc.ind.in and source media with global network.

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