Exclusive: Terrorist Hafeez Saeed’s Milli Muslim League plans social media blitz before Pak elections


The Milli Muslim League is not registered as a political party with Pakistan’s Election Commission but that is hardly a deterrent as it now plans a social media blitz ahead of elections next month. Zee News has learnt that the politico-terror outfit of terrorist Hafeez Saeed has begun conducting social media workshops to reach out to the masses.

In photos exclusively accessed by Zee News, details in one such workshop have been revealed with focus on various aspects of online campaigning.

The workshop focuses on:

Camera Handling (Mobile, DSLR)
Video Editing (Mobile + System)
Graphics Designing (Mobile + System)
Social Media activism (Fb, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS, Youtube)
Digital Marketing (Paid boosting)

Saeed, who has long nurtured political ambitions, is attempting to make a mark in the July 25 general elections in the country. Experts believe he is aspiring for a sense of political legitimacy at a time when the US has been pressuring Pakistan to clamp down on his activities and activities of Jamaat-ud -Dawah. Saeed has a US $10million bounty on his head.

It is learnt that Saeed plans to field his own son – Talha Saeed – and son-in-law – Khalid Waleed, in the upcoming elections but will keep himself away. While Pakistan’s Interior Ministry has raised an objection to Milli Muslim League getting EC’s recognition, Saeed has plonked his political ambitions on a little-known political entity called Allaha-u-Akbar Tehreek (AAT). Nomination papers of 88 candidates in the National Assembly and 185 candidates in the Provincial Assemblies have already been accepted. A large number of these are recognised terrorists and have either carried out or planned terror-related activities.

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