Disrespectful attitude indication of LOOSE


Under the “joota phanco abhiyan” Disrespectful attitude mission.The founder of this JPA short form’ was Iraqi journalist Muntadhar Al Zaidi who threw his shoes on former US President George W Bush during press conference helding in Iraqi prime minister’s house.And after that “abhiyan” is running successfully all across.In India the first victim was Arvind kejriwal Chief of Aam Aadmi Party when he suffered experienced more than five times big and small shoes attack.

Than it was the turn of Congress Chief


Rahul BaBa to went under this process.He received that suffering during his roadshow in Uttar Pradesh distt.of Sitapur.Afterwards it was the turn of P.chidambaram former Finance Minister of Congress Government. When he became the victim of throwing shoe by a Sikh journalist during his press conference.And now yesterday it was the turn of UP minister Ch.Laxmi Narayan of BJP to received this “honour”during the massive tussle between Bhartiya Kisan Union and Central Government and UP Government. And this is the indication of people or party will now going to suffer DEFEAT in their particular democratic public electoral process. With a1unitedmedia and source media. Vaibhav A Pratap Singh.

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