Crocodile kills man, mob slaughters 292 crocodiles in revenge


An Indonesian man was recently attacked and killed by a crocodile in the country’s West Papua area. His death triggered massive outrage which led to a mob attacking a crocodile farm and killing 292 reptiles here.

The bizarre – and unfortunate incident – took place last week when a mob entered a crocodile farm and began mercilessly stabbing the reptiles here with knives, machetes, swords and other such sharp objects. The men then began tying the dead reptiles and dragging them into a heap. Some of them continued to slam the dead reptiles in sheer anger. Even baby reptiles were not spared and were repeatedly struck till life was hacked out of them.

Local media reports suggest that police and conservationists did reach the spot when the incident was taking place but were not able to intervene because they were heavily outnumbered.

It is also reported that the revenge act, while brazenly brutal, was rather uncalled for because the man for whom revenge was being taken had allegedly fallen into an enclosure of the reptiles and was attacked only then.

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