Controversial godman Bhayyuji Maharaj shoots himself dead in Indore


Indore: Controversial godman and spiritual leader Bhayyuji Maharaj committed suicide on Tuesday afternoon by shooting himself in the head with a gun. He was rushed to Bombay Hospital in Indore in a critical condition, where doctors later declared him dead.
“He shot himself dead at his residence in Silver Spring, a post area of the city,” said the DIG.

The police have cordoned off the entire area.

A large number of his supporters have gathered in front of the hospital.

A former model in Bollywood , the godman later turned to spirituality and was an advisor to many politicians and members of the showbiz. He was reportedly in a lot of stress and depression over issues within the family and political pressures.

State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had offered him the position of a state minister earlier this year, which he turned down.

He announced his retirement from public life in 2016, a move that surprised many.

Bhayyuji Maharaj, whose original name is Uday Singh Deshmukh, has shot himself, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Indore H C Mishra told PTI.

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