Chris Hemsworth embraced shirtless scenes


Los Angeles: Actor Chris Hemsworth would not stop taking his shirt off in “Bad Times at the El Royal”, says the film director director Drew Goddard.

“I kept putting the shirt off him but I turned my back and the next thing you know, it’s off. I can’t blame him,” Goddard told Total Film magazine.

Hemsworth is best known for playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but Goddard, who previously worked with the Australian star on “Cabin In the Woods”, promised his latest role as Billy Lee will be very different.

“(Billy Lee) is a departure from what you are used to be seeing on screen,” he said.

The filmmaker hopes the movie is a big surprise to viewers, reports

“You do not want to be audacious for the sake of it. But if there’s a turn that may not be conventional but it excites me, I learnt to trust that instinct and follow where that will take you,” Goddard said.

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