Book by ex wife claims Imran Khan has illegitimate children, many in India


With accusations, charges and outright mudslinging galore in the run-up to elections in Pakistan later this month, Reham Khan has delivered one of the biggest punches through a book which claims that her former husband and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan has fathered several illegitimate children and that many of these are Indians.

The book titled ‘Reham Khan’ was released on Thursday and in it, Reham gives a detailed account of her stormy 10-month marriage with the cricketer-turned-politician. In one of the chapters, she writes that Imran himself admitted to having fathered five children outside of marriage and claimed that the women never went public ‘to save their marriages.’ The book also alleges that Imran admitted some of his five illegitimate children are Indians and that the eldest is now 34.

Reham goes on to write that Imran’s life is all about ‘sex, drugs, rock’n’roll.’ She also told Geo News that she can prove all that is in her book, in a court of law

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