Body of former US President George HW Bush returns to Houston for funeral


WASHINGTON: Former US President George HW Bush was hailed at his state funeral on Wednesday as a warrior-statesman of uncommon personal kindness who went from being a hero of American conflicts to representing a bygone era of civility in politics.

Amid an unusual bipartisan spirit at the service at Washington`s National Cathedral, both Republican and Democratic politicians honoured a president who called for a “kinder, gentler” nation.

Later on Wednesday, a plane carrying the body of Bush, who died last week in Texas aged 94, landed in Houston where there will be a funeral service on Thursday at St. Martin`s Episcopal Church. Afterwards, he will be laid to rest at his presidential library in College Station, Texas. There will be a public viewing on Wednesday night at the Houston church where Bush and his late wife, Barbara Bush, were longtime worshippers.

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