Bigg Boss 12 Day 2 written updates: Sreesanth gets into verbal spat with Somi Khan, threatens to leave show


New Delhi: The masala day 2 episode of Bogg Boss was high on drama. The housemates got into an argument after Saba and Somi’s last night’s prank rubbed the inmates on the wrong side.

The sisters apologised for their prank but inmates didn’t like it. The BB press conference task continued for another day and former Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde along with Karan Patel turned judges for this segment.

After a lot of questions and cross questions, Bigg Boss intervenes and asks the inmates to play it with full heart.

The Bigg Boss then cancels the task midway leaving the housemates dejected. Everyone complains about the lousy behaviour and lack of participation shown by Sreesanth, who in turn had his own reservations.

Sri then says something to Somi, who takes it personally and has a breakdown. After a heated argument, Sri apologises and threatens to leave the show.

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