Big Bigger Biggest Humiliation of indian Celebrities


Big Bigger Biggest Humiliation of indian responsible people Started earlier.BAD-Former President of india and Scientist Late Dr.APJ Abull Kalam the first victim faced the bad manners when he was stopped by immigration authorities of US airport After the intervention by external ministry Dr kalam was released.Bigger-Film Actor Shahrukh khan faced more terrific humiliation when immigration authorities detained khan at los-angeles Airport of United States.Although he was with Neeta Ambani W/O shri Mukesh Ambani of Reliance industries.Both were going to attend the college party of neeta’s son studying in los angeles university.But neeta ambani was given VIP treatment also security cover of LAPD los angeles police dept.and sharukh khan was asked to sit and help in checking.Therefore from suits to shoes all was removed except under garments.And after avery long time he was released.Biggest-Today 2 MLAs of aam aadmi party from punjab were detained by immigration authorities of Canadian Airport.And the fact was MLA Amarjit singh and MLA kultar singh was not only detained but massive checking were also done by the authorities as asked to open their shoes and clothes and their after PENNIS also checked by authorities.Which comes under direct insult of any one.Asking about the attitude of immigration authorities the answer was “ sir their dress up with long hairs and same clothing like terrorist used big beard always make these sense”Therefore after doing massive insult of MLAs of AAM AADMI party they were directed to GO back to their respective country.No indian embassy in canada were listened by canadian authorities.And just 30 minutes 26 minutes of deep checking and just in 4 minutes airlines going towards middle east”they”were PULLED and inserted in airbus.Thus the dignity of people like these r coming under severe suspense and also giving a face of involvement in heinous crime and super heinous humiliation.Vaibhav IMC oracle of crime terrorizm and glamour.

First Image Shahrukh khan during checking at los angeles airport.And u can see the FANS of Shahrukh Khan asking autographs in front of US police.

Second Image of Shahrukh khan attending the college festival of HansRaj college of North delhi campus,also shahrukh khan got graduated from HansRaj college Delhi.Photo Gratitude Vaibhav AziFF.


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