Beyond The Clouds Movie Review: Ishaan Khatter’s bravura performance proves he is in the industry to stay


Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi is the name that is taken in high regards by cinema lovers across the world. Thus, when people came to know that the talented director is making a movie in and on India with Indian artistes, expectations reached to another level. So, finally his work, Beyond The Clouds featuring actors Ishaan Khatter and Malavika Mohanan is here. Will Majid be able to impress the audience? Has Shahid Kapoor’s brother Ishaan done justice to his role? Let’s find out.

Beyond The Clouds movie plot
The movie revolves around two estranged and impoverished siblings Amir (Ishaan), who is a drug dealer and Tara (Malavika). Both of them have their own challenges to deal with. A catastrophic incident changes their lives and the girl ends up in jail for attempting murder. The film is about two characters surrounded by despair, but some serendipitous situations make them find the silver lining ‘beyond the clouds’ of sorrow.

Right from the first scene of the film, people are introduced to suffocating crowd, bizarre bazaar of racketeering in Mumbai. Majidi pulls out all stops to capture the underbelly of the city through his lens. Well, ever since the trailer of the film was released, somewhere even if it is for a second, people thought that the movie might resemble Slumdog Millionaire but here Majidi deserves to be praised as apart from the slum set up, the movie walks on a totally different path. Cinematographer Anil Mehta gives some stunning visuals and breathes life into the beautiful vision of the director.

India Tv – Beyond the Clouds

Beyond the Clouds

The best part of the movie is Ishaan Khatter. Well, to all those who are still debating on nepotism, the acting of this handsome hunk with infectious smile will make you say, ‘bilkul apne bhai (Shahid Kapoor) par gaya hai’. Ishaan as impetuous, ambitious and devious Amir leaves no chance to impress. He dreams big but gets caught in a series of crime. He has some light moments with characters Asha and Tanisha, the two children that will surely make you smile.

Ishaan truly lived up to the faith that the director had on him. He is undeniably the star of tomorrow. (Looking forward to watching him in Dhadak).

Malavika Mohanan’s performance is satisfactory. The actress tries hard, but she is inevitably overshadowed by Ishaan. Veteran South Indian actress GV Sharada, who is a three-time National Award winner, does justice to her role. She lets her eyes speak and let out the emotions.

The score of the movie is given by Oscar-winning music composer AR Rahman. Well, nobody can match up to his talent. When people are comparing the film with Slumdog then the music should also be differentiated. There are some scenes that looked more beautiful because of his music but this time, the background score falls short of being excellent.

Coming to the loopholes, the plot of the movie was kind of predictable. Every time, Amir has to say it loud that he loves his sister Tara because we didn’t get to see the beautiful bond of brother and sister between the two characters. You may find Majidi’s story repetitive, so, yes, if you are thinking that the filmmaker will make you smile and leave teary-eyed in the blink of an eye, you may get disappointed.

If you are planning to watch a typical Bollywood masala film, this weekend then Beyond The Clouds is not for you. The movie is about finding hope and smiling even in tough situations. Watch it for Ishaan’s powerful performance.

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