Anil Kapoor shares his heartwarming love story and how wife Sunita went on honeymoon without him


New Delhi: Veteran actor Anil Kapoor stands tall as an inspiration to many. He has managed to strike a right balance between personal and professional life. And the credit for it must also go to his doting wife Sunita Kapoor. The couple is blessed with three children—Sonam, Rhea and Harshvardhan Kapoor.

The veteran actor in an interview with the Humans of Bombay revealed how he met Sunita and how the relationship has been like. The duo has been together for 45 years and set a beautiful example of couple goals. Anil Kapoor posted his interview excerpt on Instagram as well.

He wrote: “Honestly, she knows me too well…maybe better than even I know me. We’ve built our life; our home together. We’ve raised 3 children and been through all kinds of ups and downs. But I feel like we’re finally dating now – our romantic walks and dinners have just begun!”

“We’ve been together 45 years–45 years of friendship, love & companionship. They don’t make people like her anymore. She’s the perfect mother, perfect wife & the reason I wake up every morning, motivated. You know why? When I ask her, ‘Arrey, yesterday only gave you so much money’ she says, ‘Woh sab khatam ho’s all finished!’ and I jump out of bed & run to work.”

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