AN Era of Narendra Modi Government Going


After a long journey PM of India is either de facto ruler or democratic ruler Question?

De facto ruler Means in Arabic language “Dictator”.

So was Narendra Modi was dictator or democratic.


Means what result card showing as good or bad analysis.

IMC exit poll survey is tell BJP in UP will end with only 16 MP seats.Reeaalllyyyy.YES.

The survey was conducted only for BJP as “will BJP winning or losing.And the Answer is their.It was one week earlier and amazing thing is all BJP Star candidates r getting defeat.From Saharanpur to Muzaffarnagar and Baghpat to Bijnor.Ghaziabad to Noida and than Mathura and Kanpur Jhansi to Unnao and Fatehpur to Phulpur and Allahabad.Gorakhpur to Faizabad than Sultanpur and Pratapgarh.Robertsganj to Akbarpur Dumariyaganj.And Pilibhit to Shahjahanpur Bareilly Amroha and Sambhal.

The Districts I wrote because all VIPs of BJP r members from these seats in 2014.And Lucknow is suspicious as Film Actor Sanjay Dutt alias BABA taking chance to contest from Lucknow from SP party.

Rajnath Singh is now searching new Distt. after listening HORRIFIC News.And all VIPs including Hema Malini and Maneka Gandhi and Murali Manohar Joshi and Major V K Singh and Dr.Mahesh Sharma and Varun Gandhi and Jagdambika Pal and Chetan Chauhan and Satya Pal Singh rather Sanjeev Baliyan and R Lakhan Pal, Top leadership losing not marginally but MASSIVE defeats to ALL.

Report Card as Follows

PLUS: PM Ujjwala Yojana,PM ODF (open defecation freed) Yojana,PM Awasiya Yojana,PM Subsidized Yojana,PM One Pention Yojana and 7th pay Commission.

MINUS:Recovery of black money NIL,Dealing Heavily with Pakistan NIL,MFP Bill (maximum food prize) NIL,Ganga Swach Abhiyan NIL,Demonitizing NIL,FDIs and FFIs (foreign funds investment) investment NIL,Absconders like Vijay Mallya NIL and now “Mandir Masjid”dispute.No Action.

LAST MINUTE EFFORTS : Citizen rights Bill if pass and Population Control bill if pass and last Dispute of Mandir, if Modi Ji do some favour to initiate Building Mandir Than Chances r Bright.

Otherwise in Hindi idiom is “once there was tussle between LAKSHMI JI and SHANI DEV for U r beautiful or I am beautiful.The matter wents to Apex God Vishnu Ji.Thus wonderful Answer given by Lord Vishnu that “Lakshmi tum aati Hui Sunder lagti ho aur Shani tum jaate hue sundar lagte ho” Now think yourselves Who is WHO “Panch Baras ki Shani dhaiya” But here is twice “dhaiya”So five years of this Government Lasting.

Vaibhav Author and Chief.

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