“Air Force Un”: Kim Jong Un’s Personal Jet And His Passion For Air Travel


SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: The plane that flew Kim Jong Un to China this week is officially known as “Chammae-1”, or Goshawk-1, after the national bird of North Korea — but the leader’s personal jet is perhaps more memorably dubbed “Air Force Un”.

North Korea’s official name and flag appear on the ageing Soviet-made aircraft, which first emerged four years ago and has carried Kim on various trips across his country in the past.

Glimpses of the jet’s interior are rare, but images carried by the official Rodong Sinmun newspaper on Wednesday showed Kim seated in a plush leather armchair, looking out of the window and waving at his Chinese hosts.

The Cold War-era Ilyushin-62 is adorned with a red-and-yellow national emblem, ringed with the phrase “Chairman of the State Affairs Commission”, a lengthy moniker that is Kim’s main political title.

Kim, who is in his 30s, is not president of the reclusive state as the role is still filled by his grandfather Kim Il Sung, despite his death in 1994.

This week’s China visit was Kim’s first overseas trip by air since inheriting power in 2011 — he took the train to Beijing in March when he made his international debut.

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