After Sri Lanka blasts, Indian agencies boost surveillance of 50 absconding Islamic State suspects


Indian security agencies are closely monitoring the activities of over 50 Islamic State (IS) suspects who have absconded from India and are currently hiding in Afghanistan, Syria and other countries. The security agencies decided to boost the surveillance following the deadly terror attacks that hit the Sri Lankan capital city of Colombo on Sunday.

The security agencies believe that the absconding suspects are currently involved in recruiting new members and are conspiring to carry out major attacks in India. After the attacks in Sri Lanka, Indian agencies are leaving nothing to chance and are keeping a close eye on the activities of these suspects.

As per the report, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has already arrested nearly 105 Islamic State suspects in the last six years. The NIA has also registered 26 Islamic State related cases so far.

A group of 14 Islamic State suspects from India are currently believed to be staying in Afghanistan. These suspects from Kerala had left India between mid-May and early-July 2016 before travelling to Afghanistan, where they all decided to join the Islamic State. Several others who are in Syria and Iraq are trying to recruit Indians through the internet.

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